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World Backup Day 2021

World Backup Day - 31st March 2021

We all use so much data in our day to day lives, but how often do we set some time aside to back it up? From your photos on your phone through to your databases on your servers, backing up your data ensures you don’t lose anything.

World Backup Day started in 2018, is a way of recognising the importance of the few minutes it takes to back your systems up. If there’s anything that you’d be upset with being lost or destroyed, you need to back it up.

What is a backup?

A backup is an exact copy of your data, that you save somewhere else. For instance, your phone holds all of your memories and photos, but you can back it up to the cloud. If your phone was lost or stolen, you could then still access all of your photos from the cloud and retrieve them. Instead of them being lost forever.

While you can backup your personal items, like your phones and computers, it’s also important that your company does regular backups too. If your business were to lose all of its confidential files or data, it would have massive repercussions and consequences that would affect every employee and the business.

A backup is like a second chance. It saves all of your information in another place, safeguarding it.

The importance of backups

World Backup Day has found some interesting data around how often data is lost or compromised, which a simple backup could prevent.

83% of us own a computer, and 89% own a phone. Although only 1 in 4 of us back these up regularly, and a massive 30% of us have NEVER backed up any devices. Each year, 60,000,000 computers will fail, and 200,000 are lost or stolen. That’s a lot of people who will lose their information, data and memories which could have been solved with a quick backup.

How to backup

There are loads of different ways you can back up your devices. Backups, most commonly, take place over the internet, or through an external drive.

A lot of phones and computers offer a regular backup service, which once set up with backup your data automatically for you.

The LA Micro team are tech experts, and if you’d like advice, support or help with backing up your devices, we’re happy to help. Whether you’ve purchased any hardware from any of our divisions, the tech team can give you the best advice suited to the devices you have.
It’s best to speak with the team that you purchased from, so here are the contact details for each of our divisions:

LA Direct Solutions | +44 (0) 1753 625 111 |

Bytestock | +44 (0) 1753 965 777 |

Remember, backing up your documents is super easy and regularly completing a backup ensures your important documents, files and data are safe. The 31st of March is just a day to celebrate backups, and you should complete backups a lot more regularly than just once a year.

To find out more about World Backup Day, visit the World Backup Day website here:
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