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Safer Internet Day


9th February 2021– Safer Internet Day


Today is Safer Internet Day! Started in the UK, Safer Internet Day promotes the safe, responsible and positive use of digital technology for children and young people. With new online issues and concerns constantly emerging, Safer Internet Day aims to raise awareness and understanding, with the ultimate goal of protecting those who are more easily influenced by the online world.

As a group company working with IT hardware and software, LA Micro has the power to help influence, empower and shape the platforms, services and content that children and young people interact with every day.

There’s a whole range of different hardware and software’s that can help protect you from the online world. Here are some things you can add to your computer or systems to help keep you and children safe online:


Installing anti-virus software protects your software from malicious code. So, if you or young children were to accidentally install, download or click on a virus while online, you’re protected. The anti-virus software will protect your computer from being damaged or from having your personal data stolen.

There are plenty of free anti-viruses on the market. MoneySavingExpert has put together a list of the best free ones.


Whether this is a hardware firewall or an installed piece of software, a firewall acts as a block to any ransomware or attacks. A firewall helps protect your computer from any deceiving or online threats that anyone could come across.

Password Managers

Instead of using the same password on every site, you may want to consider using a password generator. They combine a sequence of numbers and letters to create a password that won’t be so easy to guess. There’s also plenty of password managers that offer multifactor authentication to gain access and store all your highly secure generated passwords inside. Using a password manager prevents hacking and helps to create a more responsible and safe online user experience.

If you’re a Google Chrome user, you can add the Google Password Manager extension to remember, generate and autofill your passwords. Or, there are plenty of password managers you can create an account with, such as LastPass. A free account offering both a business or personal option.


Adding an Adblocker extension to your internet browser will not only disable ads shown on different sites you visit but will also stop any pop-ups or alerts. This removes the temptation of clicking onto an ad or pop up that could be something more malicious. Creating a more positive online experience for children too.

Chrome has a free Adblocker extension to keep away all of those unwanted messages.

LA Direct Solutions

LA Direct Solutions is the wholesale division of LA Micro, sourcing and supply hardware to trade and wholesale IT operations.

If you supply hardware and software to schools, universities or somewhere where a lot of young people have access, LA Direct Solutions would be happy to help to support you with what you can do to create a safer online experience. From securing data, to 24/7 maintenance, there’s plenty we can do to help create a positive online experience.

Find out more about LA Direct Solutions and our trade and wholesale division here.


Bytestock is the eCommerce arm of LA Micro and offers huge discounts on a range of IT hardware for their customers. They’re refurbished IT specialists! Taking kit through rigorous testing and then verifying it to ensure it’s top quality. But this means they can offer up to 70% off the MSRP.

Bytestock stock a huge range of hardware, helping to keep your internet safer with servers, workstations and storage.

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