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Global Recycling Day

It’s Global Recycling Day!

Global Recycling Day started in 2018, with the purpose of recognising and celebrating the importance of recycling.
The sentiment of the day set out by the Global Recycling Foundation is thinking through what we throw away, and not seeing waste but an opportunity.

Replacing hardware for new

We see a lot of hardware being replaced with newer models within the technology industry, and often businesses discard the older kit, even when it’s in perfect working condition. Unfortunately, with new software, later releases and models being regularly released, people want to buy brand-new.

Something we’ve seen a lot at our Bytestock division is brand new hardware being delivered to customers, and it not fitting the exact requirements they need. With configured kit, some businesses don’t allow direct returns. So, people end up discarding perfectly good hardware because it doesn’t suit them and their business.

Recycling within the technology industry

At both Bytestock and LA Direct Solutions, we buy your unwanted hardware. Purchasing a wide variety of IT systems, from small components, CPUs and hard drives and even complete blade enclosure systems and data centre rigs.

Our engineers and technology experts then refurbish, test and configure the unwanted kit to as good, if not better, than new. And, because we don’t pay full price for it, neither do you. Our refurbished kit is sold between 20 – 70% off MSPR.

All of the hardware we sell goes through a rigorous testing procedure. Initially, as it comes into the warehouse and tested and verified again as it leaves before being shipped to you. This ensures that every piece of hardware either Bytestock or LA Direct Solutions supplies offers all the power and reliability of brand-new hardware, at a significant discount.

With either sell or trade-in options, recycling hardware has never been easier. LA Direct Solutions offers a collection service and can uninstall any IT systems or components too.

Why choose recycled?

Other than the significant discounts on refurbished hardware, there are lots of reasons to choose a recycled piece of kit over forking out for the brand-new model.

Expertly refurbished hardware performs to the same standard as new. You can guarantee that your business will get the same requirements and use out of the kit. Using older models, you can save money on software licenses that need updating with newer models. Refurbished kit is also cheaper and easier to maintain.

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