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Clean Out Your Computer Day

Clean Out Your Computer Day - 8th February 2021

It’s national ‘Clean Out Your Computer Day’! So, we’ve put together a few tips and tricks you can use to clean your computer and increase productivity levels.
As well as some free methods to clean your computer, we’ll also explore which component upgrades could help improve your system’s performance. Including RAM, CPUs and Graphics cards.

Physically clean your computer

When was the last time you got a cloth, cleaning equipment and maybe some compressed air to thoroughly clean the insides of your computer?
Most computers are easier to physically clean than you might think. Firstly, grab a cloth and wipe down the outside. By doing this, you’ll get a good idea of how dusty/dirty the inside of your machine is.
Cleaning the inside of your computer doesn’t need to be daunting (unless you have a unibody MacBook, in which case, maybe skip this part!), you just need to take a few simple precautions. Firstly, unplug and disconnect everything! We recommend placing your computer on a sheet on top of a flat work surface.
Spotting the screws or clips to remove the casing should be relatively easy, but Google or YouTube should help if not. Once you’re inside, it’s a case of carefully blowing away any dust and built-up grime. A can of compressed air works best for this but, if you don’t have one, a camera lens blower is a good alternative.
Once done, put everything back together, reconnect everything and move on to the next step.

Empty that email inbox

While your emails are not the main reason your PC is running a bit slowly, it certainly isn’t helping. Go into those busy folders and delete those unnecessary emails. Yes, even that 10% off voucher you’ve had saved since last summer!

Remove unused programmes

You probably don’t need all those programmes you downloaded when you first started working at your company. If you haven’t used them or even remembered their existence in a long time, it’s worth uninstalling them to free up some storage space. Allowing you to use other programmes more efficiently.

Remove programmes that run at launch

Does your computer turn on and a wave of programmes instantly launch? We’re all guilty of clicking through application setup steps and absent-mindedly agreeing to ‘launch on start-up’. We’re also all guilty of moaning about it every time we turn our computers on but still not bothering to change the settings. Spotify is renowned for this and uses a lot of memory! Head to your settings and turn off open at launch for anything but your most essential programmes.

Upgrade your hardware

We’ve covered a few ways to clean out your computer which cost next to nothing. But, if you do have some spare change lying around, a CPU, Memory or GPU upgrade will help improve the performance of your computer for years to come. Load up your task manager to see if any of your parts are struggling to cope.
If they are, we suggest checking out the huge range of replacement and upgrade parts available from our direct sales division, Bytestock. As well as saving you up to 70% off the MSRP, all components come backed by their famous 5-Year Warranty.

There’s plenty of ways to clean out your computer and in turn improve productivity. Our team at Bytestock will be happy to help you decide which parts and components are best suited to your machine, and what you’re wanting to achieve. Check out or get in touch with the team.